100% web based, no installation required
Share visually information while working remotely
Record a video and take pictures
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Revidea provides a solution to visualize a customer’s situation via the Internet. The solution is provided as a cloud service, allowing to easily plug in your company to a standard streaming solution.

Community based

Revidea is community based meaning that you can either invite other users of Revidea belonging to your organization or office, or you can invite people that are not yet registered in Revidea.  You have also the option to make your profile public, allowing other users to add you as a participant.  Invitations and reminders are being sent via SMS and e-mail to all concerned.

Streaming session

As a user of Revidea you can create a streaming session and invite your customer to start this session.  You can also invite other participants to this streaming session. 

Recording of images and video

When the customer is starting the streaming session at the agreed time by clicking on the link from the invitation, then all participants are seeing the video images that the customer is taking.  During the session the initiator of the session is able to record the video images.  Upon request by the participants, the customer can take additional pictures which can be annotated by the participants.  All recorded video and (annotated) pictures are stored and accessible to all participants of the session.