The Single point of contact for all the participants in the insurance claim industry to communicate directly,
optimize workflow, and transact electronically.

The ClaimsHUB

Smooth, effective and cost-efficient claims management demands the coordinated involvement of a wide variety of different parties and departments.
Each one is a specialist with its own language and procedures.
The challenge is to exchange data and share information.

Diverse organizations, Common Goals

By bringing together individual organizations, their technologies and data outputs,
the Zamia ClaimsHUB provides the platform for an efficient and effective claims environment.

Introducing the Zamia ClaimsHUB
Advantages you can see, Improvement you can measure

De ClaimsHUB biedt alles dat U mag verwachten van een platform dat moet beantwoorden aan de data-intensieve noden van de schade industrie:
Beveiliging, uitwisseling van gegevens tussen Services, gecentraliseerde data opslag, archivering en opvraging.

The ClaimsHUB provides everything you would expect from a solution created to meet the data-intensive needs of the claims industry: security, interoperability between services, as well as a centralized storage, archiving and retrieval.


Complementing the web interface is the XML messaging interface.
The XML messaging interface enables direct data exchange between back office systems and individual services running on the Zamia ClaimsHUB.

Designed to work together

The ClaimsHUB allows you to take advantage of a modular approach to introduce additional capabilities as and when you need them.
Choose to add further services when and where they can benefit your business, such as cycle time management, damage calculation or assessor scheduling.

Modular approach

Zamia is uniquely positioned at the centre of the claims community.
We listen to the customer voice, anticipate and answer the next challenge and use our bottom-up approach to help
align organizations across the claims environment.

Based on extensive hands-on experience
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The ClaimsHUB is an intelligent dispatching platform that manages and automates all data interchange between all parties involved in the claims process.


First Notification of Loss (FNOL)

Policy Search

Claim Validation

Automated Coverage Check

Automated Liability Determination

Claims History

Straight Through Processing


Fraud Score Configuration

Claim Scoring

Progress Reporting


Repair Management

Repair Network Management

Availability Management

Assignment of Repairer

Loss Adjuster Management

Loss Adjuster Management

Availability Management

Assignment of Adjuster

Financial Management



Automated Reserve Allocation

Reserve Management

Document Management

Correspondence History

Different Output Channels

Editable Correspodence

User Defined Documents

Configuration Administration

Approval Workflows

User Management

Partner Management

Workflow Administration

Service Levels

Business Rules

Web Interface







Relation Management


Repair Shops

Loss Adjusters

Emergency Repairers



Management Information

Operational Reports

SLA Tracker

KPI Dashboards

Geographical Data Reports

Post Calculation

Integration Architecture

Security Features

Communication Channels: E-mail, Fax, Text message, Letter

Car Damage Calculator

Document Scanning

3rd Party BI Tools

Soap-based Web Services

Policy Administration


Building Damage Calculator

Secure FTP Integration

General Ledger

Payment System

FNOL Portals

Content Data Catalogue


Audit Trails

Claim Information Access Management

User/Role based Authorisation

Back Office

The ClaimsHUB can also be used as a Back Office solution.  Besides the functionality to register a claim and manage the claim completely throughout its full lifecycle, the following functionalities are implemented:

  • Claim reporting, Management and Audit reporting
  • Generation of letters and documents related to a claim
  • Management of reserves and payments via workflows

Straight Through Processing (STP)

Straight Through Processing is achieved in the following manner:

  • The First Notification of Loss is introduced on the portal of the Insurer
  • This FNOL is validated by the ClaimsHUB via web service interaction between the portal of the Insurer and the ClaimsHUB
  • The ClaimsHUB subsequently determines based upon the business rules the liability and the next steps to be undertaken. Some examples are :
    • Loss Adjustment required: a message to a Loss Adjuster is sent
    • Reparation is proposed: a message to the Repair shop chosen by the customer is sent

Front Office

The ClaimsHUB can be used as a Front Office Portal.  It allows claims handlers to register a first notification of loss.  The ClaimsHUB is integrated with the policy databases from the insurers allowing for automated validation of the claim.  Coverage and liability is checked via defined business rules. The Front Office communicates with the Claims Management Back Office so all information is available in the Back Office.

Message Broker

The ClaimsHUB acts as a Message Broker being responsible for communication with different external systems.