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Dacca provides a solution to insurance companies for calculating the repair cost for a property claim.
Based upon an extensive database containing market prices for labour and materials, a detailed calculation is established which serves as the result to settle the claim financially or via repair in kind. 
Being independent from insurance companies and repairers, Zamia can provide a non-biased calculation model that reflects the real costs involved for the repair or replacement. 
The solution is provided as a cloud service, allowing to easily plug in your company to a standard calculation method.

The price database

Dacca’s calculation model relies on a price database containing an extensive dataset of all materials and repair times related to repairer property damages. 
This price database was set up by Zamia’s claims professionals having a long experience in the claim calculation process and extensive knowledge of the Belgian repair market. 
The price database relies of years of calculating property damages in the Belgian market.
Zamia releases every month a new version of the price database taking into account changes to the market price conditions and changes to building and repair techniques.

Being part of an insurance company, you can define the tariffs for labour or for travel time to be used for different regions. 
By doing so, the insurance company can define the tariffs it has agreed upon with its network of repair companies. 


The calculation process

The calculation process starts with the simplified creation of a claim.  Based upon the type of damage (such as water, glass or fire damage) you can select the corresponding damage objects and activities (materials and labour) required to repair the damage.
During the calculation process Dacca will suggest you to add additional activities (such as usage of a crane if the weight of glass exceeds for instance legal requirements). 
The end result of the calculation is a damage calculation report which contains different prices (for instance the repair price or the Do It Yourself Price) and is adapted to your template. 


100% web based

Being a software solution residing in the cloud, insurance companies, loss adjusters and repairers can easily acquire access to Dacca.
The web service (SOA) interfaces allows functionality to incorporate Dacca in the portal of an insurance company, allowing to leverage Dacca’s calculation capability to the insured customers.