Zamia provides the tools that make it possible for insurance companies to substantially reduce the cost of claims and administrative costs. The unique approach of Zamia focuses on optimizing customer satisfaction and improving the efficiency of the claims handling process. Zamia helps the insurance companies not only to meet, but to exceed the expectations of their customers and to shorten lead times, to reduce the cost of loss assessment  and to improve process control.

Zamia offers solutions for the insurance industry on the following business lines:

  • ClaimsHUB, a claims management and dispatching platform
  • Loss Adjuster Software Solution
  • Software Development Projects
  • Mobile app development

Zamia targets the insurance industry, more specifically the non-life insurance companies, the claims management companies and the loss adjustors related to non-life claims management.

Zamia has a wide customer base in the Benelux, including some of the major insurance companies, loss adjusters and repair companies. Zamia is active in Belgium since 1999 and based in Ghent.  It also has offices in Belgrade, Serbia.


Dacca provides a solution to insurance companies for calculating the repair cost for a property claim.

Based upon an extensive database containing market prices for labour and materials, a detailed calculation is established which serves as the result to settle the claim financially or via repair in kind. 


Zamia develops IT solutions, and provides shared services and consulting for the insurance companies and the damage industry. Zamia develops and manages solutions for outsourced damage processing, solutions for damage calculation, calendar and route planning for internal experts, and offers consulting in these domains.

Zamia is a company offering a central collaborative claims management platform  to the insurance industry and its business partners, allowing all parties involved in the claims management process to exchange information in a secure and structured way.

Zamia supports the entire claim management life cycle, starting with notification of loss, repair management until payment and subrogation. 

Loss Assessment Software Solution (LASS)

Zamia Loss Adjustment Software Solution (LASS) is the software module build upon the ClaimsHUB which allows a Loss Adjuster to perform his/her tasks and to have full access to all required information. 

LASS allows individual loss adjusters to receive instructions, make online assessment reports and send back the assessment reports to the central assessment support department of the Insurer, via a simple web-access on their tablet devices.


Revidea provides a solution to visualize a customer’s situation via the Internet. The solution is provided as a cloud service, allowing to easily plug in your company to a standard streaming solution.

As a user of Revidea you can create a streaming session and invite your customer to start this session.  You can also invite other participants to this streaming session. 

Zamia distinguishes itself through its flexibility and Agile development, enabling us to offer qualitative solutions to our customers.