Loss Adjustment Software Solution (LASS)

modular software platform that allows the complete management of a Loss Adjustment organisation

Zamia Loss Adjustment Software Solution (LASS) is the software module build upon the ClaimsHUB which allows a Loss Adjuster to perform his/her tasks and to have full access to all required information.

LASS allows individual loss adjusters to receive instructions, make online assessment reports and send back the assessment reports to the central assessment support department of the Insurer, via a simple web-access on their tablet devices. 

The fill-in report should make as much automated calculations as possible to further increase the productivity of the loss adjusters on the field.


Policy Data

Claim Data

Claims History


Damage Calculation

Automated Report Generation

E-ID Report Signing


Fraud Score Configuration

Claim Scoring

Progress Reporting


Planning and Scheduling


Availability Management

Assignment Booking

Optimised Routing Scheduling

Time Registration

Management Information

Operational Reports

SLA Tracker

KPI Dashboards

Geographical Data Reports

Post Calculation

Mobile Applications

Device Independent

Offline and online Usage

Document Management

User Defined Documents

Editable Generated Correspondence

Different Output Channels

Correspondence History

Configuration Administration

Approval Workflows

User Management

Partner Management

Workflow Administration

Service Levels

Business Rules

Web Interface







Relation Management


Repair Shops

Loss Adjusters

Emergency Repairers



Security Features


User/Role based Authorisation

Claim Information Access Management

Audit Trails

Integration Architecture

Soap-based Web Services

Secure FTP Integration

Communication Channels: E-mail, Fax, Text


Payment System

Document Scanning

Building Damage Calculator

FNOL Portals

3rd Party BI Tools

Policy Administration

General Ledger

Content Data Catalogue

Car Damage Calculator

Loss Adjuster app

This component offers a tablet device (PDA, tablet such as IPAD or laptop) that is used by the Loss Adjuster. 

On this tablet device, the Loss Adjuster app allows the Loss Adjuster to perform his tasks and to have full access to all required information.


Planning and Scheduling module

The ‘Scheduling’ engine provides the planner with all available slots, based on available capacity, required skills to handle the specific claim, and detailed availability of individual loss adjusters.

Message Broker

LASS also acts as a Message Broker being responsible for communication with different external systems.

Back Office

LASS can also be used as a complete  Back Office solution.  Besides the functionality to administer a loss assignment and manage this assignment completely throughout its full lifecycle, the following functionalities are implemented:

• Loss Adjustment reporting, Management and Audit reporting

• Generation of letters and documents related to a Loss Adjustment

• Management of fees via workflows